Last Day For Fifth Anniversary Festival: What To Do, And How Not To Screw Up (Like Me)!

One Day Left In The Fifth Anniversary Festival!

There is one day left in the fifth anniversary festival, and that means there are many things that are going to be leaving Middle Earth after tomorrow. Below is a guide on what is going, what is staying, and how to make the best of your last day with the Fifth Anniversary festival.

Anniversary Tokens

The Anniversary tokens handed out during this year’s festival as quest rewards and envelope drops will remain in your wallet until the end of time. However, the Games Masters (Located in Thorins Hall, Bree, Celondim, Michel Delving, Festival Arena) will be disappearing, so you will not be able to barter those tokens for the cosmetics, maps, windmills and mysterious powders. Your tokens will carry over into next year’s anniversary festival, so do not feel obliged to spend them all this year.


Metal Tokens

Throughout this festival, various tokens, ranging from tin to Calenard have been dropping off of mobs (monsters) and are going straight into your wallet. These tokens can be cashed in at various Keepers of Gifts (Located in Bree, Galtrev, Thorins Hall, Celondim, Tinnudir, Stangard, Ost Guruth, Caras Galadhon, Ost Galadh, Twenty-First Hall, Esteldin Forecourt, Michel Delving, Rivendell, Gramsfoot) for gift boxes that will give you random items. These vendors will be disappearing after the Festival is concluded, so you will not be able to cash in those tokens there. This does not mean your tokens will be useless. Tad Leafcutter, near the hunting lodge in Bree will be accepting these tokens in exchange for skirmish marks.

Festival Steeds

The Anniversary Races that have been going on at the Bree Racetrack and the Shire Racetrack will not be available after the festival, and Will Peartree, the festival horse vendor will be leaving as well. Today is the last day to get either the Anniversary Steed or the Fireworks Laden Steed. One thing to note: If you are planning on purchasing both, purchase the Document of Mount Ownership for the Anniversary Steed first, as it will give you a discount on the Document of Mount Ownership required for the Fireworks Laden Steed. Do not make the same mistake I did, and purchase them the other way around. Also, the Race Quests are only repeatable every 24 hours, so if you have not acquired any Anniversary Race Tokens, you will probably not be able to acquire both steeds.

The Ever-so agonizing Envelope Hunt

Possibly the most popular of all of the events this anniversary is the Envelope hunt in Bree. After the Festival, envelopes will be disappearing from Bree, and the quest will no longer be available. If you haven’t already heard of this quest, head to the links below to read more in depth about it. This will be the last day that you can repeat this quest, so try to get those steeds and emotes. So far, I have found only the Steed of the Dusk Watch. Good Luck!



For the Festival, every player in Lotro received a special, unique firework that they could set of at any moment (out of combat, that is) and those fireworks are for keeps. They will continue to work even after the Festival has expired, but expect to be seeing less and less fireworks because…Fireworks Vendors are leaving! This is your last day to get that Master Blaster title, and your last day to stock up on those fireworks. Any fireworks that you purchase from those fireworks vendors will be usable as long as you have a lasting supply of them. This will not be the end of fireworks, however. The gift boxes purchasable from the Keepers of Gifts are randomly dropping fireworks recipes that can be used by different levels of scholars. As long as you have those piles of mysterious powder, you will be able to craft fireworks on your scholars and then trade, use or sell them. The Recipe is located below.



Tool Required: Scholar’s Glass
Facility Required: None

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:

Pile of Mysterious Powder-icon.png 0/1 Pile of Mysterious Powder Small Candle-icon.png 0/1 Small Candle
Lump of Coal-icon.png 0/1 Lump of Coal Cryptic Text-icon.png 0/1 Cryptic Text
Olive Dye-icon.png 0/1 Olive Dye Crafting Panel - Ingredient Placeholder-icon.png

Crafting Panel - Mastery-icon.png Optional:Critical Chance: 5%

Rushlight Candle-icon.png 0/1 Rushlight Candle

☐ Use +45%Critical Success Produces:

Green Fireworks-icon.png Green Fireworks

Other Quests

All of the other repeatable quests, such as the Bar-fights in Thorin’s festival arena are repeatable more than once per day, so if you heed to get any last-minute tokens, try repeatable quests such as the bar-fights and the Firework Launcher quest in Bree.


There are a couple of deeds associated with this year’s festival. The top two are associated with the Bar-fights at Thorin’s festival arena. If you successfully complete 25 Bar-fights on the expert difficulty, you gain the title; “Battered, Bruised, and Contused”. This title is probably my favorite this whole festival. If you knock 200 opponents out of the way, you gain the title “Clubber”. The only other deed is a fireworks deed. If you set off 50 of each color firework, that is Purple, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange, you gain the title “Master Blaster”. At six silver per firework, this deed is a little pricey (2 gold and 100 silver), and I have not gotten the title yet, and do not recommend it.

My Thoughts And Experiences With The 2012 Fifth Anniversary Festival

I loved the festival this year. From the free gifts to the somewhat grindey titles, this has by far been my favorite festival. I have done every quest, some with help from my friends, and have thoroughly enjoyed every one. The only quest I believe to be a little dull is the Fireworks locator quest. The Fireworks laden Steed and the Anniversary Steed are my two most-ridden horses. On my main character, I acquired the Steed of the Dusk Watch (Warden’s Steed) from the envelope quest, and on my Champion* I found the toast emote in my first ever envelope. I enjoyed the balance and smoothness of this years festival and look forward to Anniversary number 6.



*The Champion(shown above) is the character that I created to be my middleearthinitiative guide character. Expect a character creation post, with in depth information on how I created my Champion, very soon.


5th Anniversary Festival Guides

Ben, MiddleEarthInitiative

Question to the reader

Did you enjoy the 5th Anniversary Festival? What was your favorite moment?




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I am a casual LOTRO player that is pretty new to the game. I am trying to help out with the low level content, and will try to respond to any comments/questions as soon as possible.
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