Weekly Poll: May 21st -May 28th (Very Important, Read Below)

I am about to start my leveling guides and I thought it would be a good idea to ask you all which server I should level my walkthrough characters on. Unfortunately, these are the only servers I am considering leveling on, so I am sorry if your server is not on the list.

Very Important!!!!!

I also wanted to leave it up to you guys as to what race/class combo I should use as my first one. Please leave a comment.


Ben, MiddleEarthInitiative


About middleearthinitiative

I am a casual LOTRO player that is pretty new to the game. I am trying to help out with the low level content, and will try to respond to any comments/questions as soon as possible.
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3 Responses to Weekly Poll: May 21st -May 28th (Very Important, Read Below)

  1. Darkeflaire says:

    I think you should do a Champion, maybe an elf?

  2. Yvanor says:

    Stay away from the basic classes- they are just that, why use one especially for a guide? I say either go with a more challenging class, like a rune-keeper or burglar, or a less popular class like a lore master or captain (and by popular I certainly don’t mean in groups! Fellowships LOVE these classes).
    Inspire people to step outside their hunter/champ/guard/mini square of comfort!

  3. Sweetmint says:

    Please don’t pick Landroval. That server already gets so much attention. I love that it has so many active and creative players, but they aren’t the only one!

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