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I am a casual LOTRO player that is pretty new to the game. I am trying to help out with the low level content, and will try to respond to any comments/questions as soon as possible.

Weekly Poll (Very Important Again)

Ben, MiddleEarthInitiative Advertisements

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Weekly Screenshot May 28th – June 4th

What you lookin’ at frog? Ben, MiddleEarthInitiative Weekly Screenshot May 28th – June 4th

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Spring Festival 2012 Is Here! – A Guide Of Sorts

The Spring Festival Is Live In Lotro Already? I know, it feels like a week since the anniversary festival, but we arrive at yet another lotro festival, outfitted with repeatable dailies and many prizes. What To Do? The three main … Continue reading

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Weekly Poll: May 21st -May 28th (Very Important, Read Below)

I am about to start my leveling guides and I thought it would be a good idea to ask you all which server I should level my walkthrough characters on. Unfortunately, these are the only servers I am considering leveling … Continue reading

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Weekly Screenshot May 21st – May 28th

Pantastic!   Ben, MiddleEarthInitiative

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Back to the Basics: Character Creation Part 2: Classes and Appearance Customization

Choosing A Class So you have chosen your race, be it Man, Elf, Hobbit, or Dwarf, now comes the time to choose the main driving force behind your character. Classes are the most influential customization you can apply to your … Continue reading

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Weekly Poll: Fifth Anniversary Accomplishments

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